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Wellness Library:

A place to find resources, checklists, quizzes, trackers, products and books we recommend, and so much more to help you on your journey to complete wellness!

Keep checking back to this space as we continue to grow 


*Products and Books to Support Your Wellness Journey:

Bubbly Boo: Ice Globes for Face

LED Light Therapy Mask

Red Light Therapy Device 

Toe Spacers For Optimal Foot Health

Pure Castor Oil

Castor Oil Pack Wrap Kit 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses


How We Heal: Uncover Your Power and Set Yourself Free

Body into Balance: A Herbal Guide to Holistic Self-Care


Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty Inside and Out

Staying Healthy with the Seasons

The Woman's Herbal Apothecary

Your Fertility Signals


The Green Witch: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils, and More

Gardening For Everyone

Eating Wild in Eastern Canada

Into Green: Everyday Ways to Find and Lose Yourself in Nature


7 Day Self-Care Challenge: meal plan, worksheets, etc. 

Tips For Better Sleep

Jet Lag Travel Tips

Weekly Meal Planner with Grocery List

Detailed Weekly Meal Planner

Treasure Yourself With These Tips

Daily Planner Worksheet

5 Easy Ways To Unplug In Daily Life

5 Ways To Self-Love Practices

30 Day Self-Care Ideas

Achieve More Balance in Your Life

Beauty Rituals Before Bed

Positive Reminders

How To Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness Exercises

How To Build Self-Confidence

Herbs For Naturally Glowing Skin

Bright And Glowing Skin

Guide To Your Chakras

Gratitude Journal Worksheet

Take Care of You- Free Mini Meal Plan

Quiz - Nutrient Deficiencies Assessment

Quiz - Assessing Your Antioxidant Levels

Top Foods for Nutrient Deficiencies

Can Nutrient Deficiencies Lead to Food Sensitivities?

Eat The Rainbow Weekly Tracker

Food Symptom Journal

Winter Skin Care Tips

Yoga Teacher

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