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5 Habits To Start Your Day Off Right

If you're struggling to get out of bed, feel uninspired, or constantly in a rush to get through your morning, and looking for ideas to start your mornings more positively, or to start your day more productively we have these five ideas to get your day started strong!

  1. Bring Your Attention to Yourself- As soon as you wake up start with wiggling your fingers and toes, rotate your ankles and wrists, stretch it all out, and take a few big cleansing deep breaths.

  2. Journal- get yourself a journal, whether it's a guided journal or blank. Use it to reflect on your thoughts, write out your positive affirmations, and determine your priorities and intentions for the day.

  3. Drink a Glass of Lemon Water- Drinking a glass of lemon water on an empty stomach is great for rehydrating your body and is great for digestion. Read more about why starting your day with lemon water is so great here.

  4. Do Some Stretching- Stretching a little in the morning is a great way to get your body prepared for the day.

  5. Dry Brushing- An amazing way to increase circulation, improves mental alertness, removes toxins and exfoliates your skin. Find out how to dry brush here.

A few more ideas for starting your day: set up a consistent wake up time, stay off your phone until after breakfast, browsing your phone first thing in the morning is very distracting and diverts your attention away from your priorities. Eat breakfast, stop hitting the snooze button, make a to-do list, and keep your routine even on the weekends.

Once you have a good morning routine down with healthy habits that work best for you, you will be setting up yourself up to have the best day.

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