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Rules for Ageless Skin

Skin is the first organ to show visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots, lack of tone, and dryness. For many of us, those first crow's feet and skin folds often signal that it's time to double or even triple your efforts with wrinkle creams, masks, or even cosmetic injections. Instead of acting on the surface level, let's learn about simple age-resisting steps that do not involve any chemicals or needles.

*Stop stressing out your skin. A shortage of sleep (fewer than six hours on an ongoing basis) harms your immune system and can lead to a breakdown of skin's collagen fibers. Find the optimum amount of sleep hours that makes you feel and look really good. To boost the quality of your sleep, quiet your mind and stay away fromintense mental or physical activity four hours before bedtime.

*Smoking is one of the worst skin-stressing habits you can do. It creates free radicals that linked directly to premature aging. Research shows that secondhand smoke causes almost the same amount of damage.

*Other skin-stressing habits include habitual worry, over-consumption of alcohol and sugary foods, accompanied by nutritional deficiencies.

*Excessive sun exposure is another skin enemy. While moderate sun exposure, especially in the morning, boosts the production of age-resisting vitamin D, baking in the midday sun pushes cells to work in protection mode. Afterward, they switch to repair. The back and forth between indoors and outdoors pushes the limits of your skin's capacity to adapt. Pull our your best armor and protect it every day, especially if you are on the beach or up in the mountains, where air is richer in ozone. This can cause your skin cells to weaken, which is something that contributes to wrinkles and lackluster skin.

*Be gentle to your skin in spring and autumn, when it is at its weakest, having been damaged from a summer of sun exposure and a winter of harsh winds and indoor heating. Adapt your skincare routine to the season, and your skin will suffer from less stress as it copes with changes in temprature or humidity.

*Water is crucial for helping to plump up and hydrate cells, plus flush out toxins, 10% of which are excreted by your skin. Water is your body's all-natural moisturizer, so drinking eight glasses a day is a good place to start. But listen to your body and adapt your water intake. Someone with a larger body size or who is very active will need more water. Soups, and herbal teas add to the total water intake, while tea, coffee, and alcohol drinks deduct from it. Make sure to drink an extra glass of pure water for each cup of coffee, which acts as a natural diuretic.

Give your skin an almost instant glow with this homemade mask:

Lemon Tea Mask


1 teaspoon Lemon Juice

1 teaspoon Strongly Brewed Green Tea

1 teaspoon Milk Powder

1 egg white

Beat until smooth and frothy.

Apply to clean skin using fingertips or a face mask brush.

Leave to dry, and rinse off.


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