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Top 10 Plants For Your First Vegetable Garden

It's spring and the perfect time to start your own vegetable garden. Growing your own vegetables is so satisfying! And can honestly be done no matter where you live! If you're starting your vegetables from seeds, now is the perfect time to do so. Start your seeds inside, and then move them outside after the last frost in your area. That can really range depending on where you live, but usually late May to early June in most parts of Canada. If you're purchasing plants that have already started, you still have to wait to plant them outside until after the last frost. We've picked the 10 easiest vegetables to grow whether in a garden or on your balcony in pots.

  1. Peas: For best results, with vining peas, stake them or add a small trellis for them to climb. Also, keep them out of the hot sun and give them lots of water. If you are growing your peas in a container, be sure to choose a large one.

  2. Peppers: There are tons of different varieties of peppers to grow, and they are all very low maintenance. Give them plenty of sunshine, allow the soil to dry slightly between watering, but never let them dry out completely.

  3. Kale: Kale doesn't need a lot of room to grow. They are a long season vegetable that is very cold hardy, and you can harvest into winter! Place kale plants in partial to full sun, and give them plenty of water, but not to the point of them becoming soggy.

  4. Spinach: Spinach requires cool temperatures to it's best, so try planting it in as early spring as possible. It does well in sun to light shade, and needs soil that drains quickly.

  5. Lettuce: Much like spinach, lettuce is a cool-season crop. It does best in shade, and loves getting lots of water. Lettuce grows quickly, and you can grow it early in the spring, and again in late summer for a fall harvest.

  6. Tomatoes: Tomatoes do well with lots of sunlight and fast draining soil. It's important to consistently water them to prevent problems like cracking and blossom rot, especially if growing them in a container. Always stake your tomato plants or buy wire cages to keep your tomato plants from breaking with the weight from the tomatoes.

  7. Zucchini: These plants love lots of sunshine and moist (sorry for that word haha) soil. If growing in a container, they do well in a large pot and once they grow larger, you can add a small trellis to help support the plant.

  8. Beans: We're talking the green and yellow type of beans. Beans grow quickly, and continue to produce during the entire growing season. They can be grown in partial shade to sun, but the more sun they get, the bigger the harvest. Give them lots of water, in well draining soil.

  9. Cucumbers: Cucumbers are one of the fastest growing vegetables you can plant. They are very similar to growing zucchini. They love sunshine, and moist soil. If growing in a pot they require lots of room, and may require a stake or small trellis to support them.

  10. Broccoli: Plant them in early spring. If using a container, make sure it's large for best results. Broccoli loves lots of sun and plenty of water, but don't overwater. When you harvest the main head, it will continue to produce small side shoots that you can harvest all summer long.

We hope this list helps you in your gardening adventures. Planting a vegetable garden can be intimidating, but start small and have fun with it! Gardening can be a great activity for the whole family, and everyone will enjoy eating the results.


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