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When Skincare Is Also Self-Care

Self-care is all about improving ourselves, having more energy, and being more satisfied with the events happening in and around us.

Self-care involves a daily routine to achieve these goals by implementing the three core methods of self-care which, when used together, can lead to better well-being and happiness within oneself.

Your skincare routine should be something you enjoy, and taking the time to focus on yourself reaps mind, body, and beauty benefits. An effective and efficient skincare routine is a therapeutic process that will help you feel your best.

The very act of looking out for your skin, no matter the purpose, is comforting and soothing by nature.

Allowing yourself the time to spend on something like a skin routine is only the first step to understanding how proper skin care can affect your mental health.

Small self-care habits like journaling or going for a walk can also help ease stress when you're feeling overwhelmed. Ultimately, it's about making yourself and your well-being a priority.

Print this worksheet to keep track of your daily skin care routine, and see how you feel and how your skin may change in the process!

Tell us in the comments about your skin care routine!


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